Just like that

And just like that it is Friday…..and as I packed my lunch and waited for the Elixir of Life to finished brewing in the magic machine on the counter, I had a spontaneous ticker tape of things I need or want to do this weekend:

  • see Knight & Day
  • makeĀ  and can spicy mustard
  • find a new cookie recipe
  • pick more blackberries bought blueberries at Farmer’s market
  • orientation for E’s summer camp
  • new running shoes that I use for walking
  • finalize my gym membership.…use my gym membership
  • finish last band on forest quilt
  • go to Trenton quilt shop and peruse fabric for my new bed quilt
  • if I find nothing, order from eQuilting: not necessary
  • make C start his virtual high school biology course
  • shop for C a new bike
  • finish laundry
  • update wordpress
  • final edit on Grace’s last 153 pages
  • email to Florida writers’ association
  • get real estate attorney to file quitclaim deed…must be done today: tabled
  • am I meeting with Ken E about his bid on house? not yet, he’s still working on the plans
  • replace and pot the front herbs
  • confirm the lawn man will quote the lot he’s doing it tomorrow
  • plant the sprouting sweet potato
  • pay bills
  • read that stack of prescriber’s newletter No! I don’t want to. I read my novel instead.

Ah….my coffee is done. Time to get ready for work. And the brain never stops running………………………………………………………………………..

Addendum: sometimes it is easy to get off balance, to lose your stride. After mass today, I got a good second wind. Fr. Gillespie’s homily helped. I am glad I felt so down and so weak that I was compelled to go to mass. Ah, the mystery of it all.

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