In the wake of the high demand responsibilities that accompany most adult living comes the potential for ease. When you ski behind a boat, there is a smooth, almost glassy, ridge in the center of the wake. Stick to that central track and the skiing is easy. Swing out to the left or right and you have to hop the chop. That may be where all the risk and adrenaline resides, but after a while, the tricks needed to stay up get old. And the risk of an ugly wipe out always threatens.

For the last three weekends I have had Friday off. It is an unusual occurrence. This past Friday was a last minute scheduling swap. I could have worked, but there was this delicious treat associated with not volunteering, not filling in, not covering all the bases and being available for back up. I work with a group of exceptional smart and competent women. I am 1000% assured that everything will get handled in my absence. So, I took the day and I took the weekend. I spent a lot of quiet time thinking about direction, goals, and resources. I drifted in these thoughts and waited for inspiration and guidance. But idle time is foreign, so I often lend myself to more creative endeavors; I did some cooking this weekend. I tried something new, too. I saw this recipe on and was instantly compelled. Kugelhopf. Even the name is fun. And it is a zen-ish recipe, requiring patience and delayed gratification. It is also not healthy [see previous blog post]. Patience is a good skill to practice, since few of my goals and dreams will be arrive instantaneously. There is no Fairy Godmother or genie in a bottle waiting to grant my wishes. Making dreams a reality is no different than disassembling any other project. You break it down so it can be rebuilt.

And the Kugelhopf was yummy!

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