Monday Mornings

Am I one of the few who like Monday mornings? Mondays are a new start. While Sunday is the divine day of rest, it is just NOT that kind of day for me. While I can spend Sunday lingering and being quiet, it is not psychologically the beginning of my week. Similar to how I have two “new years” dates, the Gregorian January 1st and the American school system September. In my mind I visualize the year as a triangle with the months September through December as one side of the teepee and January through May as the other. The three summer months run horizontally across the floor of the short side of the triangle. Similarly, my inner vision of the week starts on Monday with Saturday and Sunday as a bookend at the end of the five day block.

So today is a new starting block.

And I have a cold. Well, technically, that is not correct. I have a low grade fever….for 6 days. That is not a cold. I am loathe to take any medicine. I really believe that the body has most of the natural mechanisms to deal with bugs without drugs. A fever is a good thing usually, effectively baking the germs, poached into neutrality. Mucus is a normal physiological response as is coughing and sneezing. It they were not, evolution would have spared us of the annoyance eons ago. But, I also know science is a lovely gift, too. So I will take my antibiotics and shut up. And I face the week knowing that in five days, I will feel better.

And I will have filled time up with work and chores and kids. The To Do list is circular and perpetual but it is my own personal hamster wheel. I hope everyone else has a good Monday, too.

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