Nature is frugal. Frugality is resourcefulness. It is an economical method of existence. Nature is not wantonly wasteful. Many people confused frugality with plainness and simplicity. Creation, at its very core belies a willingness to be extravagant; how else do we end up with octopii, both single and double humped camels, the giant blue whale and shrews the size of a toddler’s hand. Once life is set into motion, there is a natural cycle of renewal and restoration. Very little is lost or wasted until humans come along. I am reminded of the scene at the end of The Matrix when the guy in the black suit is talking to Mr. Anderson about humans being like viruses. And it is fashionable to talk about having a smaller carbon foot print. I think that is just spin. Modern human civilization leaves waste. We consume faster than we replace. We waste resources and don’t even hesitate. My hope this summer is to be more frugal. Use less and use wisely. Minimize wastefulness. Use only that which is necessary. Use first what is already at hand before getting more. There is an abundance within arm’s length that permits me limiting the expenditure of money, gas, mental energy and time. And there is a simple satisfaction in poaching an egg or making tuna salad and avoiding a mind numbing trip to the grocery store to buy something. How hungry am I? If what I need is to no longer be hungry….that is easily remedied. If I am trying to shirk boredom, no money need be spent. The key is to use the resources best suited for the task. Trying to fix one problem (boredom) with the wrong solution (food) is a recipe for both dissatisfaction and disillusionment.

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