What’s Hot and What’s Not

Having been off work on Monday I keep thinking today is Tuesday. I almost missed Loobylu’s Wednesday Parade of What’s Hot and What’s Not. I have a very long list of Hotness this week and it is only “Tuesday”. So I might as well get to it.


Work is actually on the Hot List this week and hopefully this whole year. I have started the prep work for a major software and hardware upgrade for the practice. In five years the EMR (electronic medical record) we have been using has a massive upgrade. We have been dragging our feet, avoiding this process, fighting it. It is a huge investment of time and resources to upgrade. We need to get some new work terminals, add memory to every PC in the office, upgrade or get a whole new server (jury is still out on this one). And as the physician who did all the original development of our in house protocols, I am the lead on this upgrade. And I am thrilled with it! Honestly, the newest version of the EMR is very cool. I am enthusiastic despite having to watch 10 hours of Webinar training videos. The outcome will be quality improvements we have only dreamed of doing.

I am hesitant and eager simultaneously about my “dream house”. I have the hopes to buy one of the lots in Hawk’s Ridge. I have a meeting with the interim director of the University of Florida School of Architecture next week to pitch a possible project for his graduate students. I am going to offer a prize for the graduate student who interviews me and designs the house I build on my lot. I get my house and they get a project for their portfolio. I met with Kristi Hawley-Taylor today and the lot seems like a Go For Green.

Some simpler happy hot spots: John Legend’s Evolver album and especially the song Set Me Free. Wool winter socks that keep my cold prone feet warm like a true Canadian outfitter:)

I found a heads up lucky penny Tuesday literally on the door mat walking into my office.

Heirloom Florida oranges from Amy’s dad. I used the marmalade to make my Orange Blossoms for my office staff this morning.

The beautiful calendars I bought off Etsy.com from Jengshop.com and Sunucreative.com.


My friend grieving the death of his father and discovering two living, breathing, walking and talking “secrets” at the wake. Is it possible to reconcile the loss, the disappointment and the anger?

Freezing temperatures in Florida suck!

Seriously, we don’t own coats down here. It has been 22-27F the last 3 mornings and the temperatures are to stay this low through the weekend. If rain comes tomorrow, we will have SNOW! I remember snow in Miami when I was in elementary school.

A very dirty car covered in cat paw prints all over the hood, roof, sunroof and rear window.

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