The boys are back with their father tonight as we return to our regular parenting schedules. The boys go back to school and I return to work. It was a lovely, easy, realxing break. We didn’t go anywhere. We didn’t do much of anything. We saw Sherlock Holmes, which was wonderful and underrated by the critics. Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr are phenomenal. Their chemistry on screen is perfect for sequels to this film. We saw Avatar, which was really, really great and worth every bit of the nearly $11 ticket price! We slept late because we stayed up late almost every night. I watched too much Chowder and Fanboy. I also watched lots of Iron Chef reruns.

But alas, we return to the routine of our daily lives. I make my regular morning coffee. I return to packing my usual and customary lunches. The weekday schedule reverts. The repetition is a good thing. Practice makes perfect, right? By doing the same routine each week, doing it better and smoother is unavoidable.  Staying close to the same means outcomes are more predictable and we risk less. Does it mean I am boring? Maybe. It does mean I am consistent. Consistency makes for efficiency. Efficiency lends itself to success.

These are good habits to maintain and cultivate in this new year.

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