I LOVE iTunes and especially iTunes Genius. While Pandora is cool, I am still a fan of the album. Artists, even musicians, create their “art” to tell a story, evoke an emotion or embody something. While each track can be taken separately, the album played from beginning to end is another experience entirely. So, I downloaded the Hope for Haiti album. While waiting for the download, Genius combs through my library and my previous purchases and makes suggestions. Gotta love the Machine’s subversive and palatable intrusion into our privacy. So, since I bought Massive Attack (did you know they do the theme song for House) and Bitter:sweet and Thievery Corporation, I might want to listen to Spiral System. And while listening to the demo snippets, I decide Genius is correct. Then while downloading Spiral System, I click on Madita. I like her too. And then, Natalie Walker has another album out. Granted, it is two years old, but I still get good mileage on Urban Angel. So, now I get to play with creating new Genius play lists.

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