Eggs Benedict

I woke this morning with a desire to be walking in the cool morning light down King Street in Charleston to The Baker’s Cafe. My favorite breakfast is served at this sliver of a restaurant on the southern end of King, as you approach the antique stores. All eggs on the menu are poached. Only eggs are on the menu except for the glorious French toast made with brioche. I made my own version of Eggs Jacques for my morning fare.

My oldest is sitting for a standardized test this morning. I hope he ate a good, high protein breakfast. As he left his basketball game last night with his dad, I implored him to go home and go to bed instead of playing Friday night Call of Duty on his XBox. His little brother loudly stated he had no test this morning and therefore he could stay up as late as he wanted. Considering the amount of sugar he ate in the form of Push Pops, gigantic Pixie Stix the length of your arm and soda from the concession stand, even if he had wanted to sleep, I would wager the serum glucose coursing through his brain abolished any hope.

Breakfast is my most favorite mail followed very closely by the appetizer meal. I place in order of preference my most cherished breakfasts:

1. Eggs Jacques from the Baker’s Cafe, made with crumbed sausage and served with fresh baked French baguettes, whipped butter and homemade strawberry jam.

2. Tuna salad on a scooped and toasted poppy seed bagel with grainy mustard and a thick slice of white onion at the Bagel Bar in North Miami Beach.

3. The morning breakfast served to us each day we stayed at La Residenza in Florence Italy. It was a small bed and breakfast right on the edge of the square with the Duomo. From our balcony (pidgeon ledge) we could open the shutters and see the dome. Cold meats, bread, eggs and apricot jam. And the coffee……..heavenly with heavenly bells ringing from the cathedral.

4. Fresh, warm Cuban pastilles from any walk-up Cuban restaurant in Miami with a cortadito and a plastic Dixie cup of water from the giant orange Igloo water dispenser next to the cashier.

It is a good day. The memories are fine and my breakfast was yummy.

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