Deep water

When something or someone is missing from your life, what shall be done? Should we endeavor to fill the void? Is it possible to find an equivalent substitute? I think there are people that occupy spaces in our hearts that nothing and no one else can reside. Their suite is for them alone and when vacant, remains silent and void.  Vacancy is often considered worrisome and undesirable. The implication is of solitude, loneliness and even abandonment.

There is a luxury in a heart deep and wide enough to accommodate the vacancies. To have loved ones away from you, especially during the holiday, can be especially burdensome. The quietude and stillness sows melancholy. But, like a deep water slip for the luxury yacht, a place remains for those we love deeply to welcome them upon their return. We make ready their arrival. While doing so, we recall all the sweet times, the past moments, the endless possibilities and are reminded of the wonder of a loving heart.

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