I will trade you this for that. Is there ever a truly fair trade? When you desire something, you are willing to make an uneven trade. You give up more or take a loss. Eagerness is the enemy and craving makes you foolish. Maybe it is best to not allow yourself to crave something too much. Desire steals rationality. But isn’t life thrilling when you can be whimsical or impulsive. Are they the benefits of only the affluent? I feel like a child some days, hopping around with my fingers crossed, whispering, “Please, please, please, please.” Ah, the superstitiousness of youth, when crossed fingers, four-leafed clovers, lucky pennies and wishes in the fountain or upon a shooting star would grant you that which your heart desires. To find a genie in a bottle….I promise to use only ONE wish. I promise to give the other 2 wishes away.

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