I learned recently that there are a few variety of apples that actually grow in Florida. I would never have considered apples as an option. I dream of one day having a small piece of land, not much more than 5 acres. On this land I envision pecan trees, blueberry bushes; raspberry trellised up walls to avoid the snakes; loquats, also known as Japanese plums, satsumas, heriloom oranges and grapefruit, sand pears, figs and a 20 x20 kitchen garden for herbs and other vegetables. Now, I can consider growing apples. I am enamored with the Honey Crisp variety, which does not grow in Florida. Ican heartily attest to its perfection in a pie. Apple Galette

My children are the perfect apples for my eyes. I watch them and listen to them and I am amazed. We have waited for nearly a year to see Where The Wild Things Are. The book was always a favorite, altough truthfully there were other more favored books. Cameron loved Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Pickle Things and More, More, More. He also loved two of my childhood favories, Never Tease a Weasel and The Big Tidy Up. Evan liked the Eric Carle books, especially the one about the chameleon. His all time favorite was Each Peach Pear Plum. Each Peach Pear PLum

But, there is something about Max and the wild rumpus that speaks to a rambunctious boy. The movie was delightful, but actually quite sad. It was the first provocative movie I have seen with my sons. It tapped into something deep and emotional for Evan, feelings he felt but could not express. They came pouring out of him and for a few hours the catharsis continued. I am proud and amazed that he was so comfortable with his emotions, just letting them flow out. We talked about all the big, giant wild things….those feelings that are too big to hold or tame, things so wild they have to live on an island a year away. Max is sad and lonely. He lashes out and makes mayhem because he cannot find the words for the giant feelings running wild inside of himself. Evan seemed to grasp this concept and the metaphors of these wild things.

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