Buried treasure

Giving a gift is a particular pleasure of mine. When I decide to give a gift, I spend time really thinking about what the person has shared with me, what they like, if they have identified a desire or an interest. I really pride myself in giving the thoughtful and the intimate gift. If I can do it and make it a surprise, even better. I believe everyone loves a gift. People who state they dislike getting gifts have a learned response to a long history of getting crappy, thoughtless, impersonal gifts. I see no value in giving a gift as an autoresponse or obligatory offering. Gifts are meant to be personal.

Even better and more delicious, is for someone to give me a gift. It is the small, thoughtful, premeditated gift that shows that another has invested time and energy into thinking of me. They have observed me, listened to me or have identified a tender area. The gift can me a small note tucked in a book or under a windshield wiper. It can be a compilation of songs. If the gift is tethered to a conversation, and the other has converted a discussion into a gift, that impresses me. The gift can be extravagant or frugal and be equally appealing.  Someone recently left me a gift, concealed and discrete. The hidden treasure stayed hidden for weeks because I was unable to find it. I knew it laid somewhere in my domicile but I could not find it. Like rainy day games of buried treasure, I hunted and hunted. When finally uncovered, I was thrilled, delight and joyful beyond words.

An expected gift is a gift not worth giving.

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