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Realisa started as an effort to find a place to better express myself, a place to find my voice. Did I have anything relevant to say?have I said anything effective? It was easy to find the rant. I have a quick tongue for sarcasm and criticism. I can find the bleak perspective easily. I disliked these parts of my nature. I believe people can change; it is the beauty of free will. But in trying to be optimistic and positive and uplifting, am I being authentic?Is it wrong to filter or edit away the editorialization? I am lightning fast with the biting remark, but I know that the slash can cut. I hear the parent saying, “It you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” So, I hold my tongue. I fold the rapid fire sarcasm back on itself and find the niceitudes. But….somedays…I feel like a Polly Anna.

I want to gore somethings I see.  I want to skewer the dumbass behavior. I want to tape a “kick me” sign on the back of that idiot fool. And somewhere in that lambasting I find salve. It calms the raging voice in my head. How does one tolerate the blockhead? This tendency IS also a part of me, part of my true self. It is part of my charm according to Mr. Feinberg. :)

Find the good. Be kind. Seek something….anything….affirming. Otherwise, learn to be silent, it nothing else.

I listened to this piece on NPR back in March about compliments. It was lovely and admirable. Speaking kind words is generous. In the audible words, those that hear can be lifted up. THINKING kind thoughts makes the internal landscape of my mind a healthier more loving place. Love cannot bloom in a dark, acidic, cramped place. It prefers fresh air, space to bloom, nurturing and proper nutrition. I want to be loving. When I can’t be….I will be silent. And this can explain the time lapses between my posts. I shall endeavor to find the positive and speak it in this space. If for no other reason than to clear our my own mind and the clutter that has accumulated over these past many months.

Love abundantly. Be kind. Share.

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  1. Your site has helped me work on finding this part in myself. To be more positive in my everyday life towards everyone & everything.

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