Oh Father

Today we ponder and give thanks for fathers. Fathering a child and being a father encompasses so much. To offer yourself so as to conceive a child and to do it mindfully and with love and intention is lovely and noble, but not all children are fortunate to be so well-planned and expected. To wait expectantly as your partner’s body changes, knowing that within her another separate and autonomous person lives, feels, thinks and will one day KNOW you. To watch as that child comes forth into this realm, fresh with life and finally unconnected from its mother’s life force. It has a force of its own. To shelter and shield and guard and nurture and guide a child is the hardest and most complicated part of parenting. A father has a particular place that is truly unique from a mother’s. Every child senses the place in their heart for MOTHER and for FATHER. They are unique and different. As a father, to watch a child evolve and grow, to watch them explore their world and eventually venture forth. Ultimately, to have your child leave the safety of the home and conquer their own road is a mark of success. When you get parenting right, your children leave and make their own lives.

I love my father. He was a cool daddy, larger than life to me when I was small. Each of his children desired him and wanted always to please and make him proud. His hope for his girls was that we be healthy and independent. Of this he was successful. We are each successful in our own individual ways and also each content with our paths. Having a strong and determined father set a wonderful example. Be strong. Be brave. Have faith that effort has its rewards. I am so much of who I am because of the man that is my father. For this I am truly and humble thankful.

Happy Father’s Day.

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