On our way to the beach vacation today, we drove through Sopchoppy, FL. Who knew there was such a place? isn’t it wonderful? Can you imagine? “I live in Sopchoppy!” It sounds so silly and yet, so wonderful and whimsical. I love the panhandle of Florida. I love the sugar sand beaches and the wind. I love watching the sun set. The ocean is relentless and perpetual. To be so close to the force of nature, to be so reminded of the hand of God, is a true blessing.

I am nearly off the grid. We have no cell phone tower out here in the point. So, other than email and internet access in the house, which is “iffy” since we are piggy-backing on the neighbor’s wireless, we are in the wind. Our Direct TV dish is cock-eyed on the sand of the side yard.

I will take advantage and accept the divine gift of minimal interference. I will float in this bubble and let go of things that hold me so anchored to the shore. Let the rhythm of the earth and the seas carry me. I will believe.

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