The Playlist

There are several playlists on my iPod that trigger very real and intense memories. Some are memories of places. Some are memories of people. I recently made a super playlist of about 5 albums that are all tethered to a specific person. I can put that playlist on and it plays for a few hours. I have a driving playlist. I have a sad playlist. I name the playlists for a mood. I play a list because I am in a particular mood or I want to shift my mood. I have a list that works when I want to run. I have a list for when I need to work. I love the new feature on iTunes, Genius. Too cool. There are few Genius-generated playlists built around a single song. For one, I started with Alanis Morissette’s Giggling Again and got an amazing mix of songs I would never have put in company. But it all works. I sometimes want to mail to friends my lists, let them hover in the space of my brain and possibly share my experience. I want a car I can dock my iPod and play my lists easily.

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