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I have always loved the hidden humor, the sly remark, the quip. I like visual jokes as well. It is one reason I love Threadless and Random t-shirts. I couldn’t draw myself out of a paper bag, but I see art. I see images. I have no ability to translate what I see into a tangible thing. I could be the wordsmith on a creative project. I could be idea man for a project. I can be the assembly line, too. I just have no visual arts skills. I can’t draw or paint or sculpt. It is a form of expressive aphasia. I can see the art in my head; I know what I want it to appear; I cannot get it out of my head. Frustration beyond words. I wish one day to have a partner who can draw, someone who can bounce around the images and ideas in my head and get them down on paper.

I came across this artist, Chris Von Szombathy. His name alone makes him worthy. Isn’t it an original? You have to FEEL original with a name like that, living in a world surrounded by John Doe and Mary Jones. How do you make humor out of angst without it feeling heavy. He turns it inside out and it is light and jovial, with a dark side. Just up my alley.

tote2-lg.gif strange-lg.gif dreams-lg.gif

And I so totally over think things sometimes. All afternoon, that 1st piece has tumbled in the background of my head. It is like the CPU that is my brain was scanning it and processing it. So…do you think that burger has any idea he is doomed? And is she kind for being so reassuring and compassionate to him…even knowing she is going to devour him in a short time? Should she just be HONEST and tell him he has moments to live and that she is his destroyer? Damn, I think too much. Is it cocktail hour yet?

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  1. Well, she’s protecting the hamburger from everyone else once he’s in her stomach. Actually she’s not lieing

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