Someday, a single act can ruin things. The event can be small: spill coffee down the front of your business suit, break a nail to the quick, discovering mold on the last few slices of bread and be unable to pack a lunch or find your freshly purchased perfectly ripe mangoes at the bottom of the grocery bag. The ripple effect generates a negative space, a “bad day”. We are complicit in the transformation of a neutral day into a rotten day.

I think there are similar pleasant events that can transform  a day into something lovely: a sinful scoop of ice cream,  getting only green lights on the way to work, hearing that  favorite song from that perfect summer, finding a rouge $20 in the laundry and the dryer have only your own clothes in it.

I want to focus on the positive. I want to hear the kind words. I want to offer hugs and kisses and tenderness. I want to laugh. Anything I encounter during the day that is uplifting, I shall acknowledge, amplify if possible. The negative will be lessened, underemphasized, dismissed. It shall get no audience. If enough positive pebbles plunk into the pond, the ripple effect will be magnificent.

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