The migraine is a unique experience. I suppose if I had them regularly or daily, I might have a different observational relationship with them. My migraines are infrequent. I can tell they are coming. When severe, I am best served by darkness, silence and ice. I never feel nauseous but then, I am not an easy vomiter. Instead, I have the distinct impression that enucleation would help. I image little tiny gnomes leg pressing the backs of my eyeballs. I think if they’d pop out of my head, I’d feel better. Coupled with the visual disturbance, it is a day at the fun house.

The remedy: large quantities of very strong coffee; anti-inflammatories and ice. I covet a glove-like ice helm, that completely encapsulates my cranuim. I am thankful that I can usually shake the headache…or it runs its course. In its wake is the remnants of a post-migraine headache that feels remarkably like a hangover, sans inebriation. I now feel like a “beer mutant”, with the big bobble head.

More coffee, more water, Jackie O sunglasses and my daily Nutrasweet dose…I will be rip roaring and ready to go.

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