Florida is The temperature is supposed to fall during the NIGHT. It is Freaky Friday. They predict the temperature will drop during the day into the low 20’s. Ouch. Mind you, it is a gloriusly bright Florida winter day with periwinkle blue sky sans clouds. There was a crayon called “sky blue” and that is the color of our sky today. The wind is blowing the spanish moss in the oaks. It is absurd to be so cool and so green.

So, I shall set about combatting the cold, a symbolic snowed in cabin in the woods. It is a perfect day to make cookies. Make soup or chili. Sew and watch Horatio Hornblower…..and laugh my butt off because the typo I just corrected substituted an “x” for the “w” in sew. Boy, that is a Freudian slip. As if! I shall fold laundry and do some cleaning. And chuckle about my subconscience and how she wishes to spend this glorious, winter day. Snuggling in and never cracking the doors.

The surreal part about winter in Florida is that by Thursday it will be 70F again. Freaky.

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