Gifts from the heart are the best kind. When a gift is mostly an investment of time it resonates with me. While I occasionally come across the PERFECT store bought gift, I prefer to make gifts. Ultimately, time is my most precious commodity, so to find the time and use that time to make a gift…..makes the gift valuable. All of the time I spend making the gift is often focused on the person for whom I am giving the gift. All that love flows into my efforts. Cameron and I made “gifts” for his teachers.


I made 3 double batches of my chocolate chip cookie dough. We divided it and wrapped it. They can be kept in the fridge or freezer to make AFTER the holidays. t is a flexible food gift. We gave Evan’s teacher a homemade butterscotch chocolate pound cake.


 And I made my two colleagues cherry tarts.


 And now the serious cookie baking begins. Cookie photos will follow.

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