And the stockings were hung

I finished the new Christmas stockings. A few years back, my stocking went M.I.A. It was time to consider a replacement. After splitting our ornaments and Christmas decorations, I decided to make new stockings for the new house. I anticipated the separation of the ornaments to be difficult, a minefield of emotions and memories but it went smoothly. Granted it was weird but a methodical chore. The boys helped and the task went quickly. Hold up 4 ornaments that make a set, pick two to stay and two to go to your dad’s house. The boys have paired sets which I refused to split. So, we laid out all the pairs and separated them. I packed the ornaments for their dad in new boxes and took them to his home. So in Evan’s own words, “Two Christmases!!” He is quite gleeful over the matter. I have not deterred him in anyway.

I started slow and months ago setting aside money and buying SCRIP. I ordered online and on sale. It will not be an extravagant Christmas like before, but I think I might help Santa out a little bit. And the new stockings are a bonus. My family has always filled stockings with “necessities” like toothbrushes and combs and nail polish. I made them big enough to fit CD, DVD, DS games and the obligatory LifeSavers candy book.


[This wall piece may deserve some explanation. It has a mirrored center piece, so the lighter wood is actually the reflection of my kitchen cabinets. Note my new Frankoma pitcher on the right side.]

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