Thursday afternoon Cameron made the St. Patrick’s Interparish Varsity basketball team. I do not think I have every seen my son as happy as on Thursday as he sprinted from the gymnasium, pumping his fists in the air. My beautiful, redheaded son made the team and I could not be more proud. Cameron did this on his own. I was worried because the last TWO years he tried out and missed the cut. And this year he refused to do Billy Ball Camp. So, his success is his. ALL HIS. I know this will be one of many personal accomplishments. He will set out to do something, decide he wants something and he will make it.

Two Points and nothing but net.

3 thoughts on “Woot!”

  1. WOOT!!!!!!! is right! wow, so proud of Cameron, he’s such a special young man……..he deserves it, he’s worked hard for it, and he didn’t quit trying…good for him!

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