I wake at 3:41 am and roll over. Why am I awake? What woke me? Did the phone ring? Is the house quiet? Oh yeah, my children are with their dad. So, why am I awake? Nose is a little congested. No leg cramps as I wiggle my feet. Cold? No. Hot? No. Bad dream? What was I dreaming? The image of me with teal green dye or paste discoloring my teeth slips deeper into my subconcious and is gone. That wasn’t my recurring Teeth Dream. And that image does not disturb me, so it was not my dream that woke me. Am I thirsty? No. Hungry? When did I eat last? I could use the bathroom, but don’t need to. I crawl back into bed and think I will slip back to sleep.

I am a great sleeper.  I lie down. I fall asleep. Gone. You can lie beside me and watch me fall asleep. And I sleep deep. How do I know?  I regularly wake in the morning to find one or both my sons have crawled in around me and I have not moved a nanometer.

So why am I awake? And why am I writing? Well, I ate a bowl of cereal. Kelloggs Corn Chex is the great panacea for my ails. I am not anxious.  I am not sad. I am not preoccupied nor have I been.

I pause. God? You got a message? Did you ring my proverbial doorbell? Nope, no burning bushes. I checked in with Him earlier and was pretty certain there was no missive or memo. And no burning bags of dog poo from Satan, either (lol).

I check my Blackberry. The Ransomed Heart posted. That’s weird. They usually come at 8:30 in the morning. Someone in Colorado couldn’t sleep either. No book to read. Dare not turn on TV. Just the idea of vacuous noise feels offensive. Maybe someone else is thinking of me. Some mornings I tell my mother that I woke at 3:41 am and discover that she did too. And that both my sisters did as well. Twilight Zone.

Somewhere in my subconscious, I am tethered to another soul that woke at 3:41 EST and it pinged my psychic IP address.

Ok. I am am going back to bed. Go back to bed. And sleep.

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