When you lose something you grieve. You greive as if you lost a loved one to death. You are bereft in the despair. The process of grieving follows stages, defined by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  I recall watching someone very close to me who lost a child. The complication was that the child was not dead, just lost. For the most part, the child was not in eminent danger or unwell….just disconnected from her family. And this is a different kind of loss.

How does the mind process something that is illogical? Humans are rational beings. Each of us more or less rational than the other; we are more or less capable of acting upon our choices based on deductive reasoning and not emotional impulse. In fact, impulse is outside even emotions most times. But, for a person, who thinks reasonably, who has a trained mind for decision making based on facts and known data, how can you reconcile that which makes no sense?

I asked a person who I though might have a particular opinion. She has a stunning mind as a physicist. She is also devoutly religious. She also has survived breast cancer. Nay, she has thrived despite breast cancer. I asked her. How do you reconcile the illogical and the non-sensical with science and math and fact?

Her answer stunned me.

Magic or divine intervention. Magic. Divine intervention. So, we must suspend reality as we know it? Yep!

And that is counterintuitive to all that a scientific mind knows. And this is not traditional grief. This defies the stages of grief that Kubler-Ross defined. In fact, grief is obstructed in this dynamic. Impeded and paralyzed.

The difficulty with magic is that we are not supernatural and we all know that most “magic” is really illusion. And illusions are trickery and lies. Divine intervention is outside of us, beyond our ability or control.

And then there you go…..the last connect falls into place. Reconciliation falls to the Divine. Only the divine can reconcile those things that are illogical. Faith that the nonsense has meaning or purpose or value REQUIRES a suspension or reality. Does that mean that reconciliation demands the mind and reaason be ignored? NO… means we have to trust our HEARTS to know the path intuitively and instinctually despite all that our minds scream at us.

 Have faith the obstruction goes away. Have faith the divinity of time will easy the craziness of things. It is a difficult….nearly impossible…process.

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