Cooking up something

I have cooked a few things lately. Evan and I were hanging out yesterday as the weather shifted and started to turn cooler.  The drizzling rain startedand I got the idea I would make soup. So I madesoup. A wonderful tomato bisque from scratch. I looked through my cookbooks, of which I have too many to fit on my one bookshelf. After reading about 10 recipes, I was confident I had the ingredients to make the soup I wanted.

tomato-bisque-soup.jpg  My kitchen has produced some other fun foodies. They include the spicy mustard sauce that pairs with my spinach balls at Thanksgiving. I love it so much I make a quadriple batch and can it so I have it for sandwiches all year round.  spicy-mustard.jpg

I had close friend for dinner recently and I used my broiler, as I do not have a grill. The result was a set of tender, tasting, cut-with-a-butterknife steaks.  I served them with Indian potatoes (a mixture of Yukon gold and sweet potatoes with brown sugar, cumin, garlic and cinnamon) and asparagus. Yum!  ny-strip-steaks.jpg

And few things rank with the purrrfect fried tostones. Now I need to learn to make proper Cuban black beans with rice.


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