Gateway tattoos

Is there a tattoo equivalent for a starter drug? If there is, it  is henna. My dear friend is marrying the love of her life on Saturday. Tonight she had her bridal henna done. All of her wedding party also got henna and she invited me. I got a little baby henna. It looks delightful. But, would I mark myself permanently?


2 thoughts on “Gateway tattoos”

  1. not me, I had hard enough time getting over the stigma of having my ears pierced…can’t imagine tattos “sagging” with the years – what starts as a rose-bud could end up as a long stemmed American Beauty – LOL! don’t understand tattooing or piercing – but then I’m an old fart!

  2. I have to smile reading this and looking down at the blazing colors on my arm. Is there a starter drug for tattoos. I think everyone has their own and perhaps for you henna is just that. I know I thought about doing mine in henna before taking the plunge but when I stepped into that tattoo parlor after it was all drawn up I knew that was the time and that was where I was supposed to be.

    The decision to become inked I always thought was a big one. It’s why I waited so many years know exactly what I wanted and where but once you know you want it… leap. You’ll know whether it is for you or not before that needle ever touches skin. I think it is about finding that meaning. Making the tattoo more than just ink pushed into flesh.

    I may not like all the questions my ink has earned me… but when I look down at it and see it staring back up at me I know that I did something truly meaningful. I had a moment of true spirituality even if it came at the end of a needle. I will warn though that it makes me want that feeling again. So I guess that is my feel on it. If your meant for a tattoo you’ll find the image you want and you’ll know it was meant for you. And then someday you’ll find yourself in a tattoo shop knowing that is where your supposed to be. And if you don’t… you were open minded enough to consider it. To think and wonder and that says a good deal too.

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