Seagull House

Several years ago, Paul and I happened upon a house being built in the panhandle. We were on vacation in Seagrove. When I went back there last week, I went to find this house we had nicknamed the Seagull House. Local lore says the house is shaped like a phoenix from the sky. When we last saw it, they had just poured the roof. The house is still under construction and they have begun a second structure that I learned is a guest house. I actuallu climbed over the sand dunes and through the sea oats to get closer to take pictures. If the construction site had been truly deserted, I might have been bold enough to really trespass.

The house is owned by the Hilton family. (No apparent relation to Paris Hilton). The Hiltons built much of Panama City and PC Beach. It is a site to behold. The pictures do not do it justice. Zoom in on them and look at the glass. Rumor has it that the glass walls are actually an acquarium in sections. Whoa!!!


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