Hazardous waste requires containment. I think of radioactive waste and the need to protect the public from something dangerous and unstable. You do not contain a child. Containers are to hold something IN. Children are meant to grow, expand, explore, learn and ultimately INCREASE. Children are like seeds; you plant them and they grow. Nothing grows in the inside of a dark, light starved box. Well, maybe mold or lichen. Mold cannot be classified as thriving. Usually when there is mold in abundance, the HazMat team is called and agencies are moving to condemn the structure. Ironic. In an attempt to contain something out of FEAR of what it might become, you create that which you fear. Had light been allowed to shine and air been allowed to flow all would have been fine.

I think my kids may be smarter than me. Way smarter. They are more savvy. They may have more confidence and more chutzpah. I don’t want to contain them. I want to give them all that they need to grow and thrive. I never want them to reach out their arms and feel the sides of a box. They should never be accustomed to being contained. When they are older they will learn self-restraint….they will learn if I don’t attempt to contain them and allow them to find their own balance. I have faith that they were wired for greatness…their own personal greatness. I have faith in my little mustard seeds.

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