Cup of sugar

I went to the grocery store to buy 5 things: brown sugar, coffee ice cream, ArmorAll wipes, parchment paper and Hot Pockets. Five things. I really needed the brown sugar. I had a goal. I was making cookie dough for the boys to have while I am away. Their Grandma, Aunt Rosie, Uncle Rob and baby cousin Bobby are going to be here for the weekend. Having slice and bake cookies might be welcomed. But…not enough brown sugar. So, I headed to Publix. (nicknamed Pubix and it ALWAYS costs $40). If you go in there to buy a box of tampons or a bag of lemons….$40.

My fatal error was calling my sister as I entered the store. I wandered aimlessly until I realized I couldn’t remember the FIVE items of my quest. Brain dead and blonde with blackberry glued to her ear….the IQ and short term recall fly out the window.

I came home with FIVE items. But NOT THE DAMN BROWN SUGAR.

Fortunately, my mom now lives right down the hill and I sent Cam on his bike to Granny’s house to borrow a cup of brown sugar. Mission accomplished. Now I have 4 logs of cookie dough ready to send home with them for the weekend. Cameron has learned the fine delight of raw chocolate chip cookie dough. His maternal genes peek out every once in a while. I am only $27  dollars lighted and I did remember to buy Diet Coke.

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