New tunes

Viva La Vida

So it is likely that everyone who watches TV has seen the iPod commercial that features Coldplay and their song Viva la Vida. Apparently, it is the most downloaded song on itunes (per Cameron). I bought the CD…so we could all put it on our iPods.

Thinks late 80’s- early 90’s “alternative” sound. With a touch of Dylan, Bowie, U2 and Petty. I like them very much.

I told Cameron that the lead singer was married to Gweneth Paltrow and they had a baby girl named Apple. He thought it was a bit of “product placement”. Certainly a future commerical…..Apple for Apple playing her daddy’s songs on an iPod.

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  1. I bought this album also just for the title track. Surprising mix of music styles with the rest of the tracks. Love it.

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