You Crust be Mazy

Almost everynight Evan asks me to read to him. It is often his way to delay actually facing sleep. He has a ritual. Will you read to me? Will you lay down with me? Will you snuggle? Will you say prayers? Can I have water…with ice? Can you leave the light on? Can Cameron sleep with me?  Before he started Focalin and even on the nights he misses his medications, he sleep walks. You can set a watch by him. Ninety minutes after he falls asleep, he is walking. Guide him back to bed and 90 minutes later he is walking again. Fascinating to think what is going on in his sleep sodden brain that partially wakes him and set him strolling. He is awake enough to know when the house is all asleep because he comes and climbs into bed with me. One day that will stop. :(

I admit, I was much better with reading to Cameron when he was little than I was with Evan. That is a good solid layer of mother’s guilt. So,I have taken to reading more to Evan lately. I have learned he likes poetry. He likes rhymes and cadence. We are reading Runny Babbit.

Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook

It is a silly book, a billy sook. Filled with wixed up mords. Evan can hear the wackward bords easily. He hears the puzzles and the transposed letters quick and unscrambles them. Brains are funny and amazing. I love my Gittle Luy.

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