King for a day

Today my Evie baby turns EIGHT.  Evan ain’t seven. He’s eight. He’s great! He came home from school today tired. He then ate like a 16 year old. A chocolate chip muffin, a left over cinnamon roll from breakfast, a Blow pop, 2 corn dogs. Then the boys went to Wendy’s and he ate a kids meal and a regular Wendy’s single. If he keeps this up, by puberty, we’ll need a third refrigerator.

But I cannot forget what a sweet little guy he was.


He is a contrary kid. He is willful and so incredibly smart. Scary smart. It is like he is a massive satellite receiver, collecting 10 data streams. While he may not look like it….he is processing everything. It is like that Windows hourglass, it hangs up and thinks and thinks and thinks. You hear the CPU running, you check task manager….WHAT is it doing? Evan’s brain is the same way. After he has compiled all his data, he comes up with the most amazing stuff. I am excited for him and what he will be up to next.

3 thoughts on “King for a day”

  1. Yea, Evan’s CPU has 4 Processors. A Super Computer.

    At Wendy’s I gave him cash and let him go to the counter all by himself and order. He made me so proud. While waiting for his Single, he turned and said “dad, what is taking so long?” He knew with only 1 person in front of him, it couldn’t possibly take that much time to make a burger. He was great.

  2. Hmmm “he’s like a massive satelite receiver, collecting 10 data streams” LOL wonder where he got that from? You are the only person I know who can be typing in the computer, writing out a script, carrying on a conversation with me and listening to another conversation three doors down!! and GETTING it all done perfectly! It’s always impressed me. Anyway…Yay! Evan!!! 8 is great!!!

  3. It’s hereditary, dad and I used to watch you and think the same thing….you scared the bejeebers out of us sometimes (still do me sometimes) with your thought processes and your churning of info, ideas and theories. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….and Cameron is no slouch in the smart department either. Proud granny here of your 2 smart boys, and my other 7 grandkids…I am blessed. So are you, but you know that.

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