Does the sunflower have to apologize for its size? It grows so tall. It’s flowers can be huge. It can block the sun from reaching smaller flowers or plants that cannot grow as tall. The sunflower is bold. It is not the most vane flower. Certainly the orchid is more fragile and dainty. The iris is exotic. The crocus is demure. Each has is own special showing, but the sunflower is prolific. And the sunflower is just being itself. Tall, it reaches above the corn or the fence. Would we want the sunflower to be shorter? Smaller? Petite? Then it would not be a sunflower. Would we want it to be fragile or short-lived? What would be the point? Sunflowers are big. Each one is a hand full. They should be the size of dinner plates. They are strong and firm and hard to destroy. You should be able to see them from across the field and know they are hearty and strong. No worries. Dependable.

I love tulips, but they are regional and seasonal. It the weather preceding it not just right, they don’t bloom. Roses are prissy and the ultimate divas. They are probably worth the effort because who cannot appreciate the beauty of a rose. But a sunflower has an open face, it is an honest flower. It is a common flower. It will bloom for anyone without much effort. But it won’t apologize for casting a long shadow. It will be hard for any other flower to grow along side or among the sunflowers, but that is not the sunflower’s fault. It blooms where it is planted.

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  1. It’s one of the few flowers I’ve never had success with…but I can grow roses and iris like they are going out of style! Hmmm.

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