Movies have sounds tracks. Somedays, I think my life has a soundtrack. There are times, especially in retrospect, that I think of the PERFECT song to narrate or punctuate an event. I also pay really close attention to the words in songs. Sometimes one line in a song will catch hold of me. Other times, a drum roll or a guitar section will evoke a memory or an emotion. Instrumental music also can help influence or cajole. When I am down and want to be lifted up, I play Ginny Owens. When I am blue and need to feel strong I play KD Lang or Patsy Cline or Dinah Washington. When I am angry I play The Red Hot Chili Peppers. When I am anxious and need to calm down, I play Narada. Narada has been a constant in my life since medical school.

On Sunday we sang a spiritual in church called, “I want Jesus to walk with me”. I went looking for that spiritual and found Kirk Whalum. Instrumental jazz hymns. Church music with a smooth jazz overtone. And I got that spiritual,  too.

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  1. Ok, finally I don’t feel stupid. I have for years thought of, planned and compiled the songs that would create the soundtrack to my life!! I also now know if I hear Red Hot Chili Peppers playing from your office I’ll walk on by!!! LOL Love ya…Les

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