3x3 Similar Circle

So ETSY is my new infatuation. I found a tilemaker that I really like and it is the inspiration for my master bathroom remodel. I have a small master bath compared to the master suite extravagnazas of the model McMansions. It is functional and appropriate. There are no bells of whistles. There is no ROOM for bells and whistles. I figure…how much time do I spend in the bathroom anyways? But I want the space that I live in to have a particular feeling. My environment should help evoke a mood. It should felt promote a mood. So…..I start the process of thinking and planning. Change the bathtub to a shower enclosure. New plumbing fixtures, new vanity, new eco-friendly toilet. In my mind, any toilet that FLUSHES away what I leave there is very friendly! It would be nice not to use 47 gallons of water to make it so. I have ordered 13 of these 3 inch wall tiles to randomly embed in a standard white subway tile. Impact. Flair. I love the color red and each of these 13 tiles are different. Free-hand and unique. It will be a nice space to start or end a day.

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