I think I know where Evan gets his love of toys. I love toys. I delight in finding the unique and quirky adult toys…rather mature toys. I was NOT referencing the kinky or risque!

While in Denver, I found the Buddha Board. Their website alone is way too cool. I also like these little wind up toys.


Great stress reducers.

There are days when I simply cannot clear my head. There is no clear thought, no focus. I can do my work and see patients. It is a form of compartmentalization that I have perfected. I think it is similar to actors and their ability to slip into character. I can slip into the scientific part of my brain. I can engage a patient and really focus on them and their circumstance. I can craft a treatment plan or a protocol to work up their problem…but when I disengage…my brain reverts to a state that is like a microscope out of focus. I am not ruminating on any particular problem or issue…I am just in hibernate mode. Just like my laptop.

At work I have a Tangle, Jr. I fiddle with it when I NEED to focus on something other than patient care. I think the psychiatrist’s and A.D.D. specialists call this focused distraction. The Tangle is quieter than clicking my pen or playing with the keys in my labjacket.

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