Somedays, I wonder about the prevalence of integrity.  There was recent published research conducted on the incidence of narcissism in college students. We do epidemiology studies on depression or violence or baldness. The rates and occurence os all kinds of medical conditions and personality disorders are studied.

I am curious… is there is a slow erosion or degradation of integrity. In the last 25 years, has the general population changed? I think so. I think people are less honest, less honorable and less dependable. Is this the consequence of relativism? Can ethics and morality be relative? I recently discovered someone in my everyday world was being dishonest. This person was not being malicious. There was no personal gain to “lie”. Their dishonesty was born out of simple laziness. A cheat. A ruse. Cutting corners. While it would never have hurt this person directly, their lies could hurts others in a multitude of ways.

What was so disturbing was the indignation from this person that I was being absurd in my demand for honesty. Like….what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that honesty matters. Truth matters. Your WORD matters. Do people no long care if others view their character with suspision? Is it not supremely important to have a good name and for that name to be above repraoch with regards to morality? People may not like how I talk or joke or dress, but I want them to know I am honest and reliable and that my word in genuine.

I am just so shocked and saddened that ordinary people in my ordnary world simply do not see the value of an honest existence. Tell the truth. Don’t fake it. Don’t fabricate. Do cheat. Don’t dilute or embellish. When 3 words will do, why use 10? Just be real.

2 thoughts on “Integrity”

  1. Well said. I have taught that for years. You are right it matters. “He who is faithful in little will be faithful in much” Little things matter to God so they should matter to us His creation. There is no such thing as a little lie, a little sin. Wrong is wrong, I have been hammerd for years for taking this stand. I am right beside you. Our kids need to know that we care about our character as well as theirs and in BEING people of character we teach them character in the process. Admitting a short coming or wrong we have done and taking that hit, instead of glossing over it teaches more than pretending we do nothing wrong!

  2. Very well said & I agree. I don’t know when I started to be more honest with myself & others but I’m grateful for it. By being, as you put it “Real” I have found that life isn’t as hard. Rather, I have people like me for who I am & not what they think I am.

    My hope is my son tells me the truth, because I tell him the truth. This way I don’t have to hide behind a mask. Characterter building is a goodthing.

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