He will quiet you with his love (Zeph 3:17).

The beauty is unveiled. God reveals beauty in every pattern. In the smallest of details, even in things that appear random. We usually think of beauty as something you SEE. Beauty can be sound, too. There is beauty in a breeze through tall Australian pines or waves on a seashore or the sound of a lady’s spiky high heeled shoes on marble floors. Click Clack. The sounds conjure images, so I suppose it is an indirect vision. Beauty can be taste. Very ripe strawberries. Dark chocolate. Fresh bread and high quality butter and jam. Beauty is is touch. Brushing hair, scratching an itchy spot between your shoulder blades, holding hands.ÂBeauty is easy. Beauty simply exists. There is no energy or work involved. Beauty is infinite. While it takes the work of voices to sing Handel’s Messiah, the beauty it creates is simply THERE.

A woman of true beauty is a woman , who in the depths of her soul is at rest, trusting God…at rest in God. I desire to be this woman. I have been the opposite. I have been the woman striving. I have been the woman driven. I am a woman of ACTION, able to DO so much. I am learning to DO less and be still. I read In Praise of Slowness over 2 years ago. I heard in that book a call to slow down. Last Friday, we went and saw Seinfeld in concert and he did a whole piece on chairs. The power of sitting. The importance of sitting. Sit down. Put your feet up. Lay back. Lie down. Be still. Breathe.

Resting in the Lord is a noble pursuit. Martha rushed and prepped and whined. Mary simply sat at her Lord’s feet. Mary did the better thing. It was not that Martha was wrong, but our world tricks us into thinking that to be worthy or God’s attention we must DO stuff. We have to attend to others, fix things, prepare things, entertain and serve. We can squander our chance to seek a personal audience with God if we get tied up in the kitchen or get entangled in catering to others.

Order pizza. Leave the bed unmade. Lounge around in your pajamas and be still. Rest is the grace of God. Then…beauty will fall upon you.

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