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I have some really good, new music. Some is from well known artists, some is from artists I have not previously known. I listen to the NPRmusic podcast when I walk. Some of this music is from those interviews. Some….I have no idea how I found.

Being a musician or a songwriter is inspirational. I am not talented in this way.

Some of my new interests:

Ingrid Michaelson’s Boys and Girls

Lenny Kravitz’s It’s time for a Love Revolution

Kenna’s New Sacred Cow

K D Lang’s Watershed

Music is such a powerful part of our culture. It is called POP culture, but I think that is insulting. The modern day bards, still speak for the masses. Who can argue with MJ Blige or Mariah Carey or Van Morrison or Linkin Park? Every single song can be potent and affect you. Music transports us. It captures a timeless moment. With every replay, the moment returns. It is but an echo, but it brings us Play the Sugar Hill Gang and I think of the back gate at my junior high school, waiting in the early morning for the janitor to unlock the school. White boys stood around rapping the gang’s song. Play Chaka Khan and I think of college frat parties. Each of us has our own flash back.  

Isn’t music amazing?

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