I listened to NPR Sunday Morning Edition today. Liane Hansen interviewed Steven Reich, the composer. His piece “Music for 18 Musicians” was recently preformed by the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble.


I have never been effected by a piece of modern music the way this piece effected me. The piece is performed by an ensemble of 18 musicians. There is no orchestral conductor. The piece lasts 60-75 minutes depending on how many times the ensemble “decides” to repeat certain sections. The college ensemble performed at the Bang On A Can Festival.

I do not know very much about music. What makes it classical or minimalist or modern? But there is something primitive and fundamental to this piece. It feels like creation. It feels like spring. It feels like a culmination of thoughts and ideas. A doodle of sorts. The result is this masterpiece of sound that evokes feelings for basic and sensual.

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