That Space

My room, my small little sliver of space, is finally complete. Last Saturday, the electrician came and dropped electrical outlets to the wall in my new desk area. I have power to my laptop without industrial extension cords. I have recessed lights. I am a happy girl. It is true what is said. If you make a beautiful space, creating a feeling of peace and tranquility, it will draw others. This room was by far the most neglected clutter haven for 10 years. It was where we left the ironing board up, piled the laundry, the rolls of wrapping paper and all the extra books. It was a dead zone.

Now it is my space. I converted the closet into a built in desk and storage area. I had Thomasville cabinets installed that match the furniture that I bought online (with SCRIP) from The Pottery Barn. I made the quilt on the bed myself. I discovered something cool about window frames and closet walls. They are metallic. MAGNETS work on a plain wall. Under the drywall plaster is that thin strip of metal. I SWEAR I know something Martha Stewart does not know!!!


Now….everyone wants to be in this room. Right now, Cameron is asleep in the bed. Granted, he was sick today and has been delirious with a fever of 102.5F. Fever and Dimetapp make for the 11 year old equivalent of being stoned. Fortunately, he didn’t like that feeling. Pray that his aversion sticks.

So I sit here in the night, in the quiet and write. My beautiful, red-headed, freckled, softly snoring Sweet Pea sleeps behind me. An hour ago, his younger brother, in a sleepwalker’s trance, walked into my bedroom and crawled into my bed. Maybe my pillows will let him finally drift off into a deep and stationary sleep.

I am content in my little space.

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  1. Lisa,

    What a spectacular space. Rosie and I have worked very hard lately creating a space that works for us. Thanks to 3 IKEA trips, I think we finally found it. Enjoy

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