Peanut butter

I love peanut butter. It is a perfect foot. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. It goes in cookies, on crackers or bread. It can be added to sauces and salad ressings. Chopped peanuts in Thai food or over ice cream sundaes. I love peanut butter mixed with honey. It is a great debate. Peanut butter and jelly vs peanut butter and honey. Honey compliments the peanut butter, adding texture and complexity. Jelly does not. Plus….what flavor jelly? Grape? Strawberry? I can eat peanut butter right from the jar with a spoon. I like it schmeared on the backs of Dove chocolates. I love peanut butter on fresh sliced apples or carrots. When I was in elementary school, my mom would peel and core an apple. She could peel the apple but keep the whole peel intact. She would re-wrap the apple so it would not brown. She would stuff the core with peanut butter. I would give up meat before peanut butter. Did I mention that I love peanut butter?

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