High Society

I have Society Garlic planted as a border plant in my front yard. The plant blooms and the lilac flowers are pretty and succulent. Do I care that the plant smells of garlic the rest of the year.


My across-the-street neighbor does. In fact, he and his wife hate garlic and onions. They won’t eat any dishes cooked with them. You would starve in my house is you refused to eat garlic or onions. Garlic is fantastic. It is so versatile. Robust. Pungent. Hot. Mellow. Buttery. Roast a whole head and then spread it on bread. Crush it over goat cheese and dressed with olive oil and fresh cracked black pepper. Bake a chicken with a thinly sliced Vidalia and 3 dozen whole cloves of garlic. Slice a few cloves paper thin, saute them with red pepper flakes and fresh basil in olive oil before adding crushed tomatoes. A wheel of Brie with mounded chopped garlic, drizzled with honey and baked.

Garlic is complex and sparks the imagination. My most favorite restaurant is in San Francisco. It is called The Stinking Rose. everything on the menu, including the beer and the cheesecake have garlic in them. I have not eaten there since 1991. I ate there alone while a medical student at a conference. It is still one of the most memorable meals of my life.

Do I worry about garlic breath? Nope. Serve everyone garlic and who will notice? Garlic is good for your heart. Eating food with lots of garlic is good for your soul.

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