Today is a new day. It is also a new year. Time moves swiftly. The Old Testament reading at our wedding was from the Book of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus).  The last few verses are

Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty, poverty and want in the day of wealth. Between morning and evening the weather changes; all things move swiftly before the Lord.  [Sir 18: 25-26]

Time moves so quickly. Another day is done, gone the sun. The timeless grace is that the Lord blesses most of us with a new day. Holidays are hard for so many people. They are lonely. They have lost loved ones. The new year closes those holidays and starts afresh. We can set aside some of those past woes and focus on a new beginning. Many people make resolutions. I have come to view the resolution as a promise I make to myself. I want to be stronger. I want to be lighter. I want to breathe. I hope to be more content. I hope to find balance. I want to be silent. I want to feel joy. I may not run a marathon or lose 30 lbs or climb Mt. Everast but I do want to keep finding ways to enrich myself, praise God, give thanks for all that I have and keep seeking sincerity and truth.

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  1. Each day is a little life;
    every waking and rising a little birth;
    every fresh morning a little youth.
    ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

    Treasure each and every day…as the years pass, they pass faster and faster, and living “in the day” is the answer. I thank God for every morning I awaken, and especially for the health and freedom I have in it.
    Aging makes you cherish even more.

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