Do we get too old for some things? It there a point in life when we are supposed to be mature and behave accordingly? I hope not! I I think you can bank a fire for a time, but if you want to keep the fire hot and alive, you have to BOTH stoke it and bank it. I want fire in my belly. I want to be a kick in the pants! I am not talking about making a fool of myself. I am talking about just joie de vie, spunk, verve. This life is glorious and wonderous. Is it to be spent sitting the bench? It is meant to be played with total caution? There is a balance between impulse and apprehension that is an ideal destination. I don’t want a broken arm at my age, but I also do not want to miss out. I want to step on fear’s head to get where I want. I hope to side step dread on my way to spontaneity. Sing in the shower. Dance to the music. Sing in your car while you drive. Doodle. Hoot and holler. Chew gum and blow bubbles. Buy the plush socks. Own a sumptuous pillow. Chase your kids. Snuggle. Be silly. Smile. Fall on your back into the snow and make angels. Jump in rain puddles. Eat an orange. Be outrageous.

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  1. I do all those silly, wonderful, outrageous things…but very often alone and no one knows… and as I get older, I find the freedom of age allows me to “get away” with some really neat stuff – re: daft old lady, isn’t she weird? – Ha!!!!!!

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