Moral Dilemma

Our neighbor, Tom, has a dog named Max. The dog is very old, blind, mean and very big. The dog has no teeth. Tom has even pre-dug the dog’s grave. He anticipates that the dog will die one of these weekends, when he and his wife Debbie are over at the beach. We are blessed NOT to be the dog sitters.

Our other neighbor, Wes, is the dog sitter. He came over asking assistance because Max was down in the grave…..but NOT dead.

Here is the dilemma. Was Max asking to go? Did he get into the grave because he wants to die? If so, do you get him out? Did he have a momentary lapse in dog reason? Was he feeling suicidal?

So, Paul and Wes head over to get the LIVE dog out of his pre-dug grave. Maybe he was just checking out his final resting place. But then the dog tries to bite them (gum them). It is such a dilemma.

I am glad we have cats that weigh 5 lbs.

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