Big Sisters

Today is my biggest sister’s birthday. In fact, December is the month of BOTH of my sisters’ birthdays. Both Sagittarius. My sisters are both very amazing women. I was the baby. They were OLDER. So mysterious. Debbie is 4 years older than me. Her favorite number is 4. She is the middle child and “Child please”….was she the archetypal middle child and still is by my reckoning. Chrissy is 7 years older than me. By the time I was aware of people, she was married and GONE. I have some amazing, potent memories of my sisters. I am not buddy-buddy with either of my sisters. But they were both COOL.

If I were to sit here for too long and ponder upon that fact, I think I would cry. It is sad. I definitely owe my big sisters for misbehaving enough that I learned the props. Because of their misdeeds and my parents ultimate complacency……I got away with murder.

Chrissy is my big sis. She is the mother of one son and a wife. She is a dutiful daughter. She is driven and professional. She is smart as a whip and has a sick sense of humor. She has award winning belches…..serious, OMG burps. She and her best friend in high school taped them. What a riot! She loves football and race car driving. She is funky with food. She doesn’t like anything weird or “frou frou”. She likes Filet O’Fish and fries from McDonalds. She lies her french fries down side by side, matching their lengths before she eats them. She has a head for numbers. Six years ago she almost died. She had a giant aneurysm rupture in her brain. It was very, very, very bad. It is a miracle she is alive. It is a miracle she is normal…..well, as normal as she ever was to start.

Debbie is my middle sister. She is the mother of six and a wife. She is an amazing homemaker. She spent the past 25 years having, raising, teaching and preparing her children for their lives. She is a faith-filled woman. She loves the Lord. She is dry and sarcastic. She has the most beautiful teeth and an amazing smile. She is also very tender yet easily wounded. She has a memory like a steel trap. Debbie probably has dyslexia that went undiagnosed when we were kids. I remember her and her band friends. Disco parties and Star Wars. Then she decided to love Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle. Talk about confusing the little sister!

Whatever is wrong with me is all their fault! Whatever is right with me….may also be all their doing.

I think I have been in competition with my sisters for decades. Now…..I just love them. They are as different as black and white. Yet….they are cut from the same cloth as me. When you put us all together……the pattern DOES make sense.

I love them and they are the coolest big sisters.

Happy Birthday


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  1. Loolie: I sure wish I had that tape from 1976 when we made of all those record setting burps. And ya pegged me pretty good…..workaholic, football wacko, junk food junkie, no frou-frou, Dr. Demento brain humor, & die-hard mom and wife. I love you too! Very Much!

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