God says, “I knew you and you were mine.”

I envision the Lord simply radiates affirmation. In His presence, one must feel complete, whole, loved, affirmed. In this earthly world, we seek affirmation. We desire the wholeness of the Lord. Each of us in hungry for Him, even without direct knowledge of Him. Every child born to this world was knitted by the Lord. His hands wove us into being so we know him. When we are born, we lose that special grace; we are separated from the Lord. As time passes, we lose our innocence. This earthly world shaves off fractions of His pureness. We have to fill those dings and divets from this world, not His heavenly world. The results is a hodge podge of patches and attempts to repair.

What happens if we live in place that actively works against Him? What is the people we are born to, live with, work with, connect to are not able, willing or capable of acting as agents of Him? Worse, what if they (from their own wounded places) attack….even those they should love? I cannot begin to imagine war, genocide, atrocities. My world is safe and clean and protected. It is a wonderful thing to live in this country. But, the human plane of existence, ragardless of where you live, is not kind in many ways.

I want to affirm my existence. In doing so, I honor His creation (me).  If there was not purpose HERE, we would not be here. My realization is that I need to be less attune to finding ways to fill my own dings and divets and more on being a channel for His peace. If I affirm those around me, I show His love. If I am kind with my words, I reflect Him. If I am generous, I honor Him. If I am a vessel of joy, His light shines. I will not pick at the crevasses and cracks in my soul. Nor will I shine a glaring light upon my brother’s or sister’s faults. They know their frailties. If they chose to hide or mask them…it is not my place to call them out. In kindness, I can still stand beside them. That is love. The Lord loves them regardless of their state of demise…..I can find softness for them, too.

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