A Space of One’s Own

Virginia Wolf felt that a woman should have a space of her own. It was vital for her intellectual development. Simone de Beauvoir tended to agree. By modern definitions, a woman is not free unless she has her own “space”. The implication is that we want to be divided away from, separate from, isolated and uncontaminated by the rest of the world (read men).

I need a space of my own but not for these reasons. I have an abundance of intellectual space. I don’t need “my own space” for the reasons feminists once wrote about. I need a space to be feminine (by my definition).

I have converted my guest bedroom into a “girl cave”. I will have internet access, a docking station for my iPod and all of my craft supplies. The estrogen factor is so high, I am hoping that no one will want to be in there. This is probably wishful thinking. My husband just read the title of this post over my shoulder and said….”I like being in your space.” So…….I have no delusions of isolation. I also have no desire for separate spaces. I just want a space of my own. I don’t mind visitors…..

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